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Natural Diet For Teens Tips to Still Healthy

Natural Diet For Teens Tips to Still Healthy – Many say that adolescence is the most beautiful time in every human life. Usually the problems faced most by teenagers is a body shape that is considered not ideal, such as excessive weight. Excessive weight will greatly disturb the confidence of teenagers, so it can cause feelings of inferior. One way to overcome this weight problem is to do a strict diet, but teenagers can not do strict dieting indiscriminately, because the body still needs a lot of nutrients for growth and development. Therefore here are some tips for healthy and natural diet for teens that can be applied to how to quickly thin and slim but still healthy:

It’s Time to Say No TV and Video Games

Try to change TV viewing as well as play video games with motion games that involve physical. Usually overweight teenagers spend more time in front of the television or playing video games. Therefore, replacing the time with games or sports such as jumping rope, football, basketball and other games involving physical activity that will help for healthy and natural diet for teens, so it is advisable to burn fat can cause obesity. rarely exercise, then the food that accumulates in the body will turn into fat, which can trigger weight gain.

Keep the Soft Drinks Away

In addition to food, soft drinks can also be one of the triggers of increasing the amount of obesity in adolescents. This is because the sugar content in soda can be more than 100 calories / portion and usually teens can drink 3 to 4 times carbonated drinks every day. Therefore change soft drinks with more drinking water will be very good for healthy weight loss.

Use Small Dishes at Mealtime

When we finish the food on the plate, the brain will signal that we are satisfied. Therefore, by using smaller plates then when we finish the food will give a visual cue to the brain that we are satisfied by spending a plate full of food.


Most teenagers are very fond of a challenge, so it can be used as one of the tips for healthy and natural diet for teens that can lose weight. Challenging teenagers not to eat junk food, soft drinks and high-calorie foods and replacing them with healthy foods will be very useful to help you lose weight in teenagers. If he successfully performs the challenge, reward useful for his health, for example is walking with the family.

Sleep Enough

If you want a successful diet, then the quality and quantity of sleep should also be maintained properly .. Because, lack of sleep can trigger many things that will then make us become overweight or gain weight. So that automatically sleep deprivation can lead to failure of healthy diet that is being undertaken.

Bringing Supplies to School

As already known, in the school a lot of snacks that can be a teaser for a diet that is being undertaken. For that, Do not forget to always bring lunch to the school as long as it is good for health. By bringing a healthy stock, then we can adjust the amount of food to be consumed, so we also do not have to hold hungry at the time in school.

These tips for healthy and natural diet for teens are now can be done by teenagers, although at that time the body of adolescents still require very much intake of nutrients for growth, because these diet tips are done with a healthy method, natural and good, so aside from getting a slim body, these diet tips can also support the health of teenagers.

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