30 Food to speed up the Best Pregnant
Fruit Pregnancy

30 Food to speed up the Best Pregnant

30 Food to speed up the Best Pregnant – For newly married couples, the presence of the fruit of the heart is their expectation, however, there are people who easily experience a pregnancy after a couple of months of marriage, there is also a married couple years ago failed to get it. To speed up the pregnancy, some couples do a variety of fertility tests, perform a variety of fertility therapy, and so on that sometimes takes a lot of cost. As it turns out, of course there are foods that can be consumed to speed up the pregnancy. Food-food that is consumed will add fertility, either by women or men. Below we will develop and discuss some foods to speed up the pregnancy.

Foods containing folic acid
It turns out that foods containing folic acid can increase the fertility of a woman is high. These foods will help women to produce eggs with more so altogether for fertilized by sperm. Foods to accelerate the pregnancy that belongs to have high folic acid, which are:

Split peas
Soy beans
Wheat flour and gasoline
Egg yolk
For potential baby foods containing folic acid contribute to the development of the brain.

Iron-Containing foods
Foods containing iron to prevent anemia women experience. With a healthy state, then the woman will be more prone to pregnancy. In addition, a baby takes a lot of blood in the process of its development from the beginning before conception until birth. Foods that have a high iron content, among other things:

Red meat
Green Vegetable
Keep in mind, we suggest that the consumption of red meat is limited to a maximum of 3 servings per day, because the fat content will make the body Menimbunnya, and possibly even the reverse occurred. Women get the hard offspring.

The consumption of protein-rich plants
The protein that is owned by food experts greatly help to accelerate pregnancy by improving fertility. This can happen, because the proteins forming cells and repairing the cells in the body. Very important role. And the proteins derived from the plants, is the safest of the protein consumed, because it contains less fat.

The consumption of high protein food plants can also make vegetarians who quickly want to get pregnant and women who love her weight is always awake. Lots of foods that contain super high protein. But high protein food plants are examples of different types of beans and gasoline, such as:

Soy beans

Zinc-containing foods
Mineral Zinc is a very important role in improving fertility. Few people know that these minerals play a role in regulation so that the signs of menstrual cycle/menstrual women have become more regular. A more regular menstrual cycle will improve the fertile time period a person. However, it is quite difficult to find a food that contains a lot of zinc. The food sources that are currently known to contain zinc are oysters. In addition to oysters, other foods containing zinc in small quantities, namely:

Dairy products and Gasoline
Red meat
White meat
Seeds or beans are pure
Foods containing vitamin B
Many studies have proven the link between vitamin B and fertility reproductive organs. For those who want to get pregnant quickly, eating food containing vitamin B good for both partners. Vitamin B12 is very good for men’s fertility and vitamin B6 good for a woman’s fertility. Usually in each food contains vitamin B, studied the already available functions of vitamin B complex and vitamin B food containing the top, namely:

Food made of wheat
Sea Fish
Sufficient amount of water consumption
Water consumption in this white water is also considered as food to speed up the pregnancy. A sufficient quantity of the water consumption will increase and improve the blood circulation, so that hormone estrogen plays a role in the formation of gametes in females also increased. Fertility therapy in some mineral water/white water consumption is highly recommended. Research also shows that a cold water bath on women and men in the morning will improve circulation and increase fertility.

Foods containing omega 3 fatty acids
The consumption of foods containing high omega-3, as well as the consumption of liquids, will help to increase the blood circulation. A smooth blood circulation will help to produce more hormone cell estrogen eggs that can be fertilized. In addition, food consumption accelerates pregnancy with a regular group until the pregnant woman participates and facilitates the flow of blood and oxygen to the fetus. And foods that contain a lot of Omega 3 are:

Avocado Fruit
Olive oil
and nuts
Consumption of organic fruits and vegetables
Vegetables and fruits are basically very well consumed. In addition to the many contain fluids that facilitate blood circulation, some vegetables contain iron, some fruits contain folic acid, almost all vegetables and fruits contain nutrients and vitamins. Nutrients and vitamins that are full of evil needed for women who want to get pregnant quickly.

The content of antioxidants in vegetables and fruits can ward off free radicals that interfere with reproductive organs. Organic vegetables and fruits have an excess of ordinary vegetables and fruits. This type of vegetable and fruit does not contain chemicals from pesticides or fertilizers that may be harmful to reproductive organs.

Food Sources of Vitamin D
Vitamin D has little to do with fertility is can help to balance the hormones that affect the male and female reproduction. So not only does the baby have to be dried with the morning sun to get vitamin D is useful to his bones. Vitamin D comes from the sun has contributed to the evolutionary process in a more rapid and harmonious way with great success. Although many foods that contain vitamin D, namely:


Fish is a food that contains a lot of nutrients and is high in its entirety. The main content of the fish is beneficial in improving fertility is a protein and omega 3 fatty acids. So it is clear that fish is one of the foods to speed up the pregnancy. Although there is kekahawatiran with the toxic content of mercury in fish, few fish that contain this substance above the expense in the state.

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