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12 Sweet Eating most terrible Hazards to health

Candies indeed has become one of the tastes of food and drinks are very delicious not only for children, but also for adults. Sweet foods contain high fructose, sucrose and also dekstrosa. While there were only natural sugars in vegetables, fruits and cereal types. When this sweet food consumed too much, it will pose many dangers to the health of the body as a whole and in the following, we are going to give a complete risk to eat sweet for you.

Lower LDL and Increase HDL
There are two types of cholesterol in the human body, namely low-density lipoprotein/LDL or bad cholesterol and also high density of cholesterol/HDL or good cholesterol. Some lifestyles such as diet and exercise will affect the cholesterol level.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association April 2010 proving whether consuming sweet foods can lower your levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the body and lowers cardiovascular health. High-density lipoprotein with very good to get rid of high cholesterol in the blood. While having a low density lipoprotein level will make cholesterol accumulates and hinders the flow of blood, known as coronary artery.

Causes of Acne
Although the benefits of glucose in the blood for the human body quite a lot, but if it is too will cause many diseases and skin problems. Of a study conducted in 2008 in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and food research proves whether the low and high glycemic diet will affect the incidence of acne.

Sugar is a food that has high glycemic levels because the body will decompose into glucose faster so that eventually the sugar levels in the blood also increases. Consuming sweet foods will lead to an increase in acne and a major factor causes the development of acne.

Lowers body immunity
All foods and sweet drinks will lower your immune system which makes it more vulnerable exposed to various diseases such as flu and some other viruses. From a study conducted in 1973 at Loma Linda University prove if the sweet foods will remove the white blood cells in the attack of harmful bacteria in the body about 5 hours after the food is consumed.

A scientist give 100 grams of liquid sugar are mixed with some bacteria then take a blood sample and make a comparison. Therefore, people who consume sugar have a low immune capacity to resist bacteria.

Obesity is the next perceived danger in consuming sweet foods too. Sweet foods that contain sugar will directly increase obesity. According to the American Journal of clinical Nutrition in 2004 has proved mild indeed if the food is proven to promote weight loss in addition to poor eating, lack of exercise and go on a diet.

Liver failure
The body metabolizes fructose creates a response on the organ so Stre worsen the inflammation. Consuming too much sweet food will make the heart’s performance become heavy. The source of the magazine Hepatology year 2017 prove whether the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that occur is caused by too much sugar. This sweet food will cause the fat to accumulate in the organ of the liver will then cause scarring and eventually develop into hepatic insufficiency.

Toothache and dental cavities
From the American dental Association in the year 2009 and also the International Dental Journal in the year 2013 to prove whether the food and sweet drinks is the enemy of dental hygiene and a hollow tooth and be the cause of toothache. The sugar content in the food intake would make the caries on the teeth because of bacteria on the teeth is flourishing because of the sugar intake.

Insulin resistance
From several sources such as nutrition and Metabolism in the year 2005, the American Journal of Cardiology of the year 1999 and also if the American journal Clinical Nutrition in 2002 proved whether consuming foods that are rich in content sugar Would make insulin levels in the body. High levels of insulin this happens consistently and the body’s sensitivity to the hormones will be reduced because the glucose formed in the blood. All of this will lead to insulin resistance where there will be complaints such as:

Not easy to satisfy
A feeling of overloading tired
High blood glucose
Other symptoms that would develop later in diabetes.

Heart Organ damage
A study in the Journal of the American Heart Association in the year 2013 found strong evidence if sugar was an instrumental mechanism against the damage of the heart organ. In this study found if there are molecules in sugar called glucose 6 phosphate in the causes of heart muscle change that end up causing problems on the heart like congestive heart failure.

Accumulate fat in the abdominal area
For those of you who are currently in the process of a weight loss diet, then the best move is to avoid eating too much sweet food. From a study conducted in 2013 and then proving whether consuming fructose, i.e. a type of sugar is too much in the cause of fat accumulation in the abdominal area while increasing the risk of several diseases such as diabetes and also Heart disease.

Increase cancer cell growth
Scientists have long since already known if glucose is food to feed the cancerous cells in the body. Checks made to prove if there is a cancer in the body called the pet that happened because too much sugar intake. Sugar is absorbed into the blood flow that later will stimulate the development of cancer cells, according to a doctor, namely, Don Ayer, PhD at the University of Utah and the Hunter Cancer Institute, Salt Lake, USA.

interfere with the ability to think
A study conducted at the University of California, Los Angles, USA in the year 2012 to experiment with giving fructose i.e. a type of sugar to animal experiments and mind if a high intake of sugar increases damage to the nerves of the place Central to thought and communication.

In addition, the rats also experience insulin hormone insulin resistance i.e. the hormone that is used to regulate blood sugar levels and also the function of brain cells. In the nerve center, hormonal insulin was used to connect nerve cells to communicate.

When hormone insulin is not normally caused by sweet foods, then nerve cells cannot function properly so that a large part of the information is not to the brain and has also diminished the ability of the Memory of a person and the symptoms of brain infection arise. A study conducted on rats is also surely affecting the human brain when too many consume sweet foods.

Stimulating hunger
From a study published in the newspaper appetite proves whether consuming too many sweet foods will quickly increase causes hunger, even if already consuming foods that are heavy and rich enough under normal circumstances. This could happen because of the high blood glucose in the body prevents the glucose from entering the cells and therefore the body does not have enough energy and absorption resulting from excessive hunger.

These comments from us about the dangers of sweet foods that can cause many illnesses ranging from mild to severe disease. Conditions can occur in children up to adults. If you are one of the fans of the food and drinks are sweet, after experiencing the health risks above, try to limit your consumption of sweet foods in the body from now on to avoid many dangerous diseases Which is also potentially deadly.

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