high blood clotting in the legs
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His people are more at risk of high blood clotting in the legs

Have the top body tub of the model i.e. ideal few people. But alas, behind all “luxury” so that people-the height of the body, there are health risks that lurk. Large man of large size, for example, would have threatened to death that the greater the risk of prostate cancer is malignant. There is a health risk once again with a special can hampiri some people have large bodies, ie, blood clotting in the legs, in other words in venous thrombosis (DVT).

The risk of blood clotting was the lowest in women as well as the short size of men, and can grow with the increasing height of the body. Blood coagulation is a normal thing, but it can secretly cause fatal if diagnosed too late and has not been performed properly.

Whether in venous thrombosis (DVT)?

When there are foreign particles or substances to avoid blood flow with normal or it freezes very well, it could lead to the onset of blood clotting. Not the ineffective provision of chemistry in the blood coagulation system can also lead to blood if clot. In addition, there is a problem in the vein valve also Vex Alirah the blood to return to the heart until it is possible to coagulate inside the journey back.

Blood clotting that takes place in one of the main blood vessels in the body is said to be in venous thrombosis (DVT). The DVT usually takes place in the blood vessels of the legs, thighs or calves. Venous thrombosis sometimes takes place without any argument. However, the risk of increased PST increases on specific conditions. For example, when you take a long sit. This causes the blood collected in an ankle and causing swelling of varicose veins, there is berbuntut on blood coagulation.

The blood clot which is a normal thing and essentially not at risk. In general, your agency will also naturally dissolve blood clots. But when the blood clots are not lost and eventually failed despite the sinking to the side of the body is different, this could be at risk.

Blood clots in the legs turn the pulmonary clogging embolism could lead to. Pulmonary embolism which is the most severe complication of DVT and can cause fatal medical help if they do not get as soon as possible at any time. Blood clotting in the lung can cause chest pain and respiratory problems. Large clots can cause damage to the lungs, and the causes of the heart in vain. Around one in 10 people with TVP YG is left untreated, it could lead to chronic pulmonary embolism.

When blood clots in the legs to the heart or arteries independently of the brain and Menyumbatnya, this can lead to a heart attack and a stroke when the sudden blood clots broke.

High impact body on the risk of venous thrombosis

A study in Sweden involving more than 2 5 million community that were born between Th. 1951-1992, whether the risk of blood clotting decreases the number of 69% in women that are shorter than the 155 cm compared to women over 185 cm. The risk of blood coagulation in men decreases the number of 65% height not more than 160 cm tall man is compared to his body over 190 cm.

In men, the relationship of the body with high blood coagulation had an influence on the risk of venous thrombosis in the leg, and pulmonary embolism. Be about women, just had an influence on the risk of venous thrombosis in the leg.

Researchers also found an important relationship on the risk of blood clotting with height in siblings. If they found in siblings with the same type of sex, the risk of venous thrombosis (DVT) add lower on shorter siblings by 5 cm in his brother’s call.

Why do people think his body naturally more risky blood clotting in the legs?

The inequality that the risk can occur because individuals have higher blood vessels in the legs that are longer, until there are surface blood vessels of the growing room where the problem could take place.

Gravity can also act in blood clotting. Blood vessels from the legs of the person who has received the higher insistence of gravity until it can increase the risk of blood circulation slows down or stops for a while. The slow blood flow will also increase the risk of blood clots.

What can be done to avoid PST when my body is high?

Height is one aspect of the risk that we cannot respond to replace. To reduce the risk or to avoid disease, there are several different aspects that we can still do, like healthy and balanced eating flow, do physical activity or exercise regularly, do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol.

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