How To Naturally Treat Ambeien 2018

How To Naturally Treat Ambeien

AMBEIEN or hemorrhoids, ie the illnesses caused by the routine sitting very long. The patient does not hold office workers who use the initial office time with stagnation, some Bumil also often complained of problems with the doctor, this is the face of progress. The actual cause of the hemorrhoids with the medical swelling or expansion that occurred in the venous vessels.

How To Naturally Treat Ambeien 2018

Various alternative treatments can be carried out by those who have carried the pain of the oral or rectal diseases. One of them and often caught people, ie the alternative healing plant or the wear of herbs AMBEIEN plants plucked immediately from nature.

What are some examples of plants that can do traditional medicine AMBEIEN or hemorrhoids?

The roots of lime

Patahkan the root tree file to get 1/2 Handheld. Clean all the dirt from the roots attached to the surface, then boil in a jar that has the 6 cups of boiling water over low heat. Wait a few minutes until the remaining 3 cups. If it has cooled, the water taken three times a day per 1 cup,

Leaf Komfrey

Choose 4 sheets Komfrey fresh leaves, prepare 4 cups of water and salt if necessary.

First step: Relax your sheets of komfrey salt wear, then washed. One day consume twice as much vegetable vegetables, no matter when you mencocolnya with spicy or sweet soy sauce.

2nd step: Komfrey juice of leaves to juice, take his Sari. Drink a number of 2 times in a day, working on healing regularly until there is a positive effect on your hemorrhoids.

3rd step: Komfrey freshly boiled leaves in 4 cups of water in a saucepan until the remaining 3 cups. Drink 3 glasses of water decoction of the leaves of Komfrey for 3 times a day 1 the glass sowing, tepatny the hour of the morning, noon and the night approached the bed.

The leaves are dried (bloody AMBEIEN healing Alternative/Traditional)

Create the preparation of 30 grams of dried leaves, when there is not shared 15 gr of dried flowers or 10 gr Kerng roots. The 3rd side of it (the one you specified) on boiling in 2 cups of water at 1 cup remaining, stump, then drink the water until depletion.

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