Lasik Surgery

6 impact of Lasik Surgery,positive and negative

LASIK surgery (Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) eye surgery to treat eye disorders with the use of laser technology. The anomalies of the eyes can be corrected by LASIK surgery, including eye Eye Plus, minus, in the eyes of the cylinder. Through this, the use of LASIK surgery glasses or corrective lenses will be reduced. LASIK surgery also includes the new surgeries in dealing with eye problems. Many patients are also more times then specify how only to handle their eye disorders. Apart from these processes, there is also a specified eye therapy minus.

Lasik Surgery

LASIK surgery has the intent to change the shape of a transparent network to the arrangement of the eyes of most outsiders. Through this process, the desired concentration can add more light to the retina to the views that are either added. LASIK surgery involves surgeries that are fast because most old swallowed up time 30 minutes. After the operation was treated, no anomaly required more in the retina of the eye. After the surgery has been treated, the doctor will give a special eye drop to reduce the effect that came out after the surgery. Although this process as well as the operation of the safest and most sought to address the problem, although there is no chance of any impact that comes out after the operation remains. It was here some LASIK surgery effects, both positive and negative:

1. The positive effects of LASIK surgery

LASIK surgery can be proven pleasure in some patients over at the end in the view. Some of the positive effects of LASIK surgery is one of them;

Correction of eyesight. Operating time, so that most patients like the correction of the view on their eyes. Your views are either added from the beginning.
A short outpatient. General Lasik surgery Road for 10-15 minutes, or at least longer than 30 minutes. This now includes operations on the eye.
The pain is almost non-existent. There are no seams during operation. Things like this make the pain in a sense of patients is minimal, so it can only be alone. Anesthesia during surgery even just passing eye drops only.
1 x action. LASIK surgery can be handled in a single action for all two eyes. Things like this certainly can be more effective in terms of time and cost.
You don’t need glasses. Other benefits are achieved through these operations, i.e. the patients do not need to use spectacles for operating time. The benefits of this are the most desirable of some patients. After the operation, patients do not need to worry about the dangers of the eyes minus no glasses.
Quick results in taste. System, including LASIK surgery cure quickly. Patients can also feel selekasnya in a matter of days with changes in view.
2. The negative effects of LASIK surgery

Unless the positive impact, LASIK surgery also leads to some side effects that can just run. Some negative effects of LASIK surgery one of them:

  1. Correction of less. This effect can be done when the corneal tissue is removed with a laser is just a little. The effects of these actions, ie, the view still not clear or blurred.
  2. The correction is very exaggerated. Laser time so much to get rid of the corneal tissues, so there will be a correction too. This problem is becoming increasingly difficult to repair.
  3. Dry eye. Another effect of LASIK surgery, i.e. natural tear production decline. This led to things like the eyes so dry. This condition is added either in accordance with the Selekasnya system of healing on the eyes. The patient may also consider a way of overcoming the dry eye to alleviate the pain in a sense.
  4. Astigmatism or the eye of the cylinder. If the elimination of corneal tissues is treated with uneven, other eye-diseases, namely eye-cylinders can. Patients will begin to feel the signal-eye cylinders. When it runs, the patient must wear special glasses of astigmatism.
  5. View remains opaque. If the system does not heal the way the norm because of inefficient supply not hormones, so it may be the view remains opaque as the first operation. This condition can also be run on pregnant women. There are several ways to treat eyes blurred side or both.
  6. Complications. Some of the complications that only runs, so the effects of LASIK surgery is corneal infection, a flap on the cornea, bleeding, and thinning of the cornea. Although this is not a complication that is often due to problems of LASIK Chiru

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