10 causes of bone is porous and the solution

10 causes of bone is porous and the solution

Permeable bone or osteoporosis is a bone disease that is consumed by insufficient bone calcium, vitamin D and reduced absorption of various nutrients on the bones of the drinks and food in a day today.

Permeable bone traits
• Waist and back pain of longer
• High body makin shrink at the same time Betambahnya age
• Posture or back bent so because the backbone of natural depletion of calcium
• abdomen looks so enlarged or protruding, while no obesity condition
• The sides of the neck often feel pain and simple persistent wound wound
• Cramps, muscular pain and joint pain with repeated
• Simple natural bone broken when it crashes, spregen or slip
• The decrease in the ability of the roots of the teeth and gums are simply natural lesions or bleeding, the simple rocking gears as well apart. A tooth that is side of the bone.
• Easy broken nails, cracked and attacked by mushrooms YG not to recover. The nail that is the side of the bone. If inside the body of the kalsiumn as well as the deficiencies of vitamin D-excess will also affect the health of a nail.

10 causes of bone is porous and the solution

The cause of bone pores

1. The agency is so thin
A man who has a very thin body, so in the body contents of the calcium and vitamin D can be sure so low. Skinny body with identical property arrangement of bones, which is not small, thick and densely Gristle attacked Mark Young in old osteoporosis. Body very thin among the most permeable bones causes many people who are suffering from bulimia (mental disorders that are packed on a plot) to around twenty years.

2. Genetic aspects
If there is one or two parents have a history of broken bones and easily cracked, so this situation will also be scaled back to his descendants. Genetic aspects, namely one of the causes of the most permeable bone is endangered when the pattern of life Seshari Day does not like milk or how low consumption of calcium and vitamin D, because it can strike faster on a person under 30 years of the year.

3. The flow of bad food
The pattern of life as well as the routine consumption of foods that contain high protein with Beerlebihan, which could lead to animal products to light bones mengalamai Liming and pores. Since protein to excess within the body can produce sulfuric compounds, the cause of calcium in the body is lost.

Foods that consume high-cafein more than 330 mg daily can cause a dilution of the bones that are easily permeable to bones. This type of thing has a high level of risk found on a person who is already aged between 40 to 76 years.

4. Missing Sports
Bones that are observed in an active manner by the intensity of the movements, which can be a little fast to compress the calcium in the bones and avoid pengeroposan over the age of 50 years. Regular exercise can maintain a calcium and vitamin D in the body so much good quality and could be smooth on any bone body. If a sport and does not want to be entangled in the habit of demanding to always stay there behind the counter, so that bone mass will also naturally decrease as well as its ability to begin to weaken.

5. Wrong diet Program
The wrong diet can be the cause of bone pores. Why? Because if a central diet calcium and vitamin content so that the body shrink so because in general the middle people do the diet program is relatively limited the consumption of milk, cheese or other foods that contain calcium and vitamins high Use to avoid the weight of the body. Although calcium is so used daily by the agency for Memperathankan bone density in carrying out the activity one day today, especially on the daily work that require additional power.

6. Drug type Corticosteroids
A drug consumption type kortisteroid for the treatment of autoimmune diseases that he suffered, such as cronh disease and rheumatoid arthritis prone to pengeroposan bone attacked or osteoporosis. Chemical substances in the drug-Kortikosterol can bind and absorb calcium substances, will also be wasted again on its role as well as with the existing chemical substances in drugs through urine analysis.

7. Cigarette Smoking
The cause could be due to the permeable bones of awe, because smoking at the young age of excess and too long periods will therefore also have a natural risk of osteoporosis under 50 m years. Diseases caused by smoking will also be out of Pengeroposan bone. These kinds of things because there substances substances in cigarettes can cause the bone tissue, poison and enter in the body cells and bone cells to lead in damage to the bone mass, lower their density as well as the dilution seacara bone walls gradually. (Read ALSO: Step quit smoking)

8. Alcohol and caffeine
Like consuming drinks that have an alcoholic content of more than two jars per day as well as excess cafein, it could be one of the causes of bone permeability often occur on a human. Alcohol and could reduce the overgrowth to cafein bone density. Alcohol or drinks, the relatively sharp shaped cafein, destroying bones and mineral substances from the binding calcium in bones can weaken the ability of bones from within as well as the dilution of the wall of bones from the outside.

9. Menstrual cycle
Diodorus Menstruation YG Not smooth, switch replace irregular also non natural menstruation could cause the loss of calcium in the bones. The use of contraceptive injection in the long period supposedly lead to hormonal changes of a woman so unstable, the menstruation is out and press the absorption of calcium in the bones, which from the food we consume a day today. This situation could be the cause of bone permeability in men and women aged less than 50 years.

10th Menopause
Signs of menopause in women, namely the natural moments will also be confronted by all women in the world. Menoupase DH where already the completion of women did not even mengahsilkan the egg in their lap, there would be a natural menstruation and hormonal decline taking place with Dratis. This state of things once susceptible to such a cause bone permeable, if not of sufficient nutrient consumption, which supplements substances calcium and vitamin D with regular.

The Way Out
Pengeroposan Bone Handle Step guide for men and women

1. With the general
• Keep the consumption of foods that contain calcium, minerals, vitamin D and protein, but not too excessive, such as pure cow’s milk, cheese, fish, vegetables and fruit.
• Cut down on foods and drinks that contain high Cafein
• Stay away from alcohol and let the smoking routines
• Consumption of calcium supplement vitamin D there, if necessary.
• Easy with regular exercise to maintain the bone density DIMASAA front
• Stay away from doing a bad diet program, ask your previous nutrition experts who have a low calorie diet.
2. With the traditional
• foliage
The leaves have a high content of calcium, magnesium, silica, vitamin C and D can increase the absorption of calcium, then used with flat bones on all ditubuh.
Take a handful of sheets of jelaytang, wipe clean until then boil with 3 glasses of Aiur to boil water and remain such a glass only. After the cold water can drink effective herbs J 2 times a day with regular. Jelatan leaves have a clinical strength in treatment as well as to avoid the incidence cause bone in men and women.

• Flowers and leaves of red clover
Flowers as well as leaves of the red clover contain phytoestrogens substances and minerals, calcium substance on the compaction bones as well as avoid Liming.
Flowers as well as leaves of the red clover can be cooked, so one or you can wear one of them alone. Both have the same strength in dealing with pengeroposan bones in both men and women.

• Oat Straw
Oat straw that has a form of food that is dried, but inside has a mineral content, calcium and vitamin D are high. Maknan It can be brewed with hot water and sliced fruits according to the same taste for example bananas, dragon fruit, avocados and other difference. Oats straw can protect bone from erosion of the productive diusua system and bone density Memperathankan over 50 years, as well as being able to avoid thinning bone causing the bones.

• Leaf Box Straw
The leaves have a ponytail kandunga silica, minerals, calcium, magnesium can compress bones from the inside as well as the protection capabilities of the bones from the outside, until the bones apart from the fracture or broken.
Take a handful of leaves of a ponytail then wash and then boiled with a row of water 3 cups sizes until cooking. Lift the pan if the water had already left a glass only. Chill and Drink 2 times a day the organized SEACRA.

• Green Tea
Green tea can be proven efficiently in Meningkatakan mass tulamg, Maenjaga bone density as well as keep calcium in the bones not to shrink.
A cup of green tea consumption is 2 times a day with regular can Menyehatka bone in a long period. Green tea can be used so permeable bones cause the outbreak of fire retarded in your future.

• Red ginger, fennel and noni
25 gr crushed red ginger and take your sari and then 3 pieces of Noni blend as well as Saringlah your sari as well as a fennel for mashed first then mix these ingredients in the third. This herb can deal with bone health problems often affected by some adult women. This traditional herb can cause a protective wall of bone from diluting the system that bone pores, avoid system failure absorption of calcium for bone and maintain bone density to bone is not simply natural cracks or the injury Breaks.

• Carrots, carrot leaves, soy milk, honey
Use 1250 gr. carrots, carrot leaves, 30 gr. 200 cc soy milk and honey on demand. Blenderlah all the traditional ingredients that can then be filtered and then your sari. This delicious preparation could help protect against the thinning of the walls causing bone bones, erosion and the ability of the bones to improve until the walls are not easily cracked when the clashes have taken place. Drink herbal herb is 2-3 times a day with regular, where drinks can be given on older children, adults or parents.

In standby, the following nutrients can cause damage to bone density
You know, if the exception of drinks and foods that contain a high content of protein, alcohol and there is indeed Cafein substance Nutriasi Beda, which is in danger of bone density when consumed in excess, one of them also:

• Phosphorus
Whatever the form of soft drinks drinks including diet soda in it contain phosphorus substances that could lead to pengeroposan of bone in women. This type of thing because the substitution of milk instead of soda content reduce the consumption of calcium in the body.

• Vitamin A
Vitamin A is good for the health of your views, skin, hair and organs of the body. But if vitamin A is consumed to overly long periods such as the consumption of women of more than 3000 MCG, it will also be the risk that osteoporosis will be attacked relatively faster than just consuming 2000 mcg vitamin A only. Retinol Vitamin A too excessive vitamin A can cause damage to the system and interfere with the absorption of vitamin D in bones.

• Salt
Salt, which is one of the herbs seasoning, so that the taste of food is so much more bevariasi and delicious. But the risk of consuming excess salt can also stick. One of them is harmful to your bones can cause many substances, namely calcium on body wasted by Sia Sia mealui urine and perspiration, as well as substances of calcium that are not spread flat on the bone. Eat salt with sage, at least not more than 2300 mg per day. This rule applies to both men and women, young or old.
(read also: Because of the lack of salt)

-consuming animal protein diet, alcohol, cafe, phosphorus, vitamin A and salt to luxuriate on a person’s genetic aspects of bone Pengeroposan so have the ability to 6 times more easily attacked osteoporosis. For Menyikapinya, we recommend that you protect the consumption of nutrients with the daily.

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