human body and its functions
Human Body

This is the organ of the human body and its functions

human body and its functions

The body of the man who is like a machine, designed only divided into different biological system, which was wrought by body organs. In that article, we will also see the organs of the human body and its role. So the human body can be divided head, body, hands, and feet. The chiefs of the most important role in the protection of organs. Many tissues, cells, as well as connective tissue that helps regulate different biological systems can be found in the head and body.

Internal organs
Organs IE, the whole of a network that has the special role played in the human body. Each organ of the body has the role is to be played. The organ also works closely to make organ systems, such as the digestive system or circulatory system.

Here most information in most organs need the human body, starting with the head, and always down.


The brain that is one of the organs most needs to be in the human body and is responsible for most of the important actions undertaken by the Agency. The brain is protected by the skull and locked in the skull that keeps it so that it stays so safe, the partial is the central nervous system. The disposition of the human brain can be compared with mammals is different, but it is so large and 3 x that it is more advanced than in other mammals. The agency helped to allow brain muscle and secrete chemicals that most likely the agency for the treatment of external stimuli. The human brain also plays an executive role, such as self-control, planning, reasoning, and abstract thinking, which made the human species, that is to say.

Pineal gland
Pineal glands of the endocrine need of color
Reddish grey that exists inside the brain. The size of a grain of pineal rice glands, as well as what is divided into some special cells is pinealocytes. One of the most necessary hormones secreted by the pineal gland that is responsible for melatonin, affect the generative change and the cycle of awake sleep associated with the agency

The hypothalamus
The hypothalamus is the side of the human brain that controls the release of hormones by the pituitary gland in most large ones. The hypothalamus is also responsible for the protection of body temperature, as well as to establish generative and reproductive behavior. The hypothalamus also provides a link to the central nervous system via the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus also plays a role in regulating sleep, hunger and exhaustion.

The pituitary gland
The pituitary gland that is among most glands needs to be in the human body as well as the main gland of the endocrine system in the question. The pituitary gland is in the basic brain but you don’t see the side of the brain. The pituitary gland segregates the hormones that helped in the regulation of homeostasis, i.e. the active metabolic equilibrium maintained by the most complex biological mechanisms.

Salivary glands
Exocrine glands (glands with ducts) that are near the mouth and throat. The role of the most important of these glands is to remove the saliva in the mouth to the wet foods. The salivary glands also begin digestion, as well as help to protect the teeth from rotting. The salivary glands can be divided once again so that the parotid gland (found in the mandibular ramus environment), the submandibular glands (below the lower jaw) and the sublingual glands (under the tongue). Thereafter the thyroid gland


The liver plays a role so the extract of the digestive gland SAP bile contains bile salts in the duodenum (duodenal) to process fat. The heart is on the right side of the abdominal cavity (see Sedetailnya – The role of the Heart)

The kidneys eliminate the waste is responsible as well as the electrolyte balance. Mengekskresikan the kidney urine into the ureter and then forward from the body. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the kidney)

The heart of the
Heart – is responsible for pumping blood into the body as well as oxygenated blood to give all organs of the body through blood vessels. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the Heart)

The lungs – helps in breathing and is the most necessary organ of the respiratory system, working together with the heart. Of the venous blood, the lungs of the carbon dioxide combustion gas and other impurities. (Read Sedetailnya – Role of the lungs)

Stomach – To remove stomach acid, hydrochloric acid and protect the PH level that have an influence on mild digestion. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the stomach)

Intestine – the role of the intestine is to absorb some large nutrients found in food, when food is processed to reach the smooth intestine, and with mechanical fractures so fluid. (Read Sedetailnya – Bowel paper)

Blood – The blood in the human body to transport oxygen is needed by some cells in the body. The blood is also supplying the body with the nutrition net. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of Blood)

The pancreas
The pancreas – an integral side of the pancreas is a digestive system, as well as the role of the pancreas head is to eliminate pancreatic fluids and insulin. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the pancreas)

throat of the throat – that is, to place the course of the food in the esophagus and thus place the operations of air or respiration to the lungs. (Read Sedetailnya – paper of the throat)

Nose – breathing air, filter air, hot air breathing, also acting in resonance tone. (Read Sedetailnya – nose paper)

Mouth – to eat and talk. The sides of the mouth, including the lips, the vestibule, the buccal cavity, the gums, the teeth, the hard palate and the soft, lingual and salivary glands. (Read Sedetailnya – paper of the mouth)

The pharynx
Pharynx – To filter the air. The pharynx creates air so hot, wet and moistens the air through the lungs. (Read Sedetailnya – Role of the pharynx)

The larynx
Larynx – to give the sound a tone as we speak. The larynx is more in the tone of the box. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the larynx)

Bile – to put the bile secreted by the liver, until it is necessary for digestion. Gallbladder this helps in the digestion of fats. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of bile)

Rectum – rectum (intestinal axis) is an organ of digestion that acted as a place to store feces. (Read Sedetailnya – Role of the rectum)

The Esophagus
Esophagus – a role so the Bolus road from Mulu to the stomach. The course of the bolus from the mouth to the stomach via the esophagus is caused by any movement is the movement of the muscles

The spleen
The spleen – the main role of the spleen is to filter the blood. Platelets, white blood cells, are stored in the spleen. (Read Sedetailnya – The role of the spleen)

The ovary
The ovaries – is one side of the female reproductive system, found on the lateral wall of the pelvis, as well as attached to the uterus. The second connected both with the ovaries fallopian tubes. (Read Sedetailnya – paper of the ovary)

The case study of “This is the organ of the human body, as well as the role of the complete” I hope it is useful and beneficial for readers

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