perspiration in the baby

Problem cause of perspiration in the baby? Here’s how to solve it

Sweat is one of the following types of skin health disorders that are often inflicted on children. This disorder often appears in the dry season’s time. The emergence of a sweat in infants should be treated with the proper form because it is very dangerous for the health of the skin, particularly the skin in the area of the head, face and neck. If it is not treated quickly or how to solve your evil, keringet buntet will result in skin irritation, infection, and cause discomfort.

How to solve a problem sweat in a safe and correct place in infants should be seen first type of sweat buntet. Because not all kinds of stains that appear due to obstruction of the pores of the skin as a way to get out of the sweat is dangerous, in other words could cure with yours.

In the medical world, the health problem of the skin ‘ a sweat ‘ is called miliary. While normal Java people call Keringet buntet. This skin problem is very annoying and can hit anyone at any age. However, the age of the infant and very vulnerable children exposed a sweat because their skin is still sensitive.

A sweat rash in the baby or children usually occurs around the head, face, neck, belly up to the backs. To overcome Keringet buntet in infants, it should be done with caution. I remember! His skin is still very sensitive to drugs.

What causes a sweat in a baby?
Simply put, the miliary (Keringet buntet) arising outside of the occurrence of obstruction in the pores of the skin becomes street (line) out sweat.

The blockage comes from dirt, dust or germs later resulted in the formation of itching red dots. The more and more clogged pores of the skin, then more and more also a sweat cause appears.

Types and symptoms of Buntet sweat appearance?

The medical world knows the 3 types of miliary are classified based on the location of the occurrence of sweat duct obstruction, namely miliary, Miliary rubra, Kristalina and miliary deep lobes.

For this type of Kristalina rubra and can occur at any age, but the type of miliary deep lobes, more adult attackers than small children.

If the cause of sweat in the baby appears in the area of the neck, head, and upper body then it is called Miliary Kristalina. Clinical looks crystalline fluid contains tiny bubbles with size 1-2 mm and brittle if pressed. This type of relatively harmless because it is rarely accompanied by inflammation and does not result in a complaint in children.
If a sweat cause appears in the head, neck, armpits and thighs then the folding is called Miliary rubra. The clearly visible red dots as well as the tiny bubbles contain clear liquid with reddish look basic skin. This type belongs to dangerous because it gives the itching while smarting on the surface of the skin.
If a new sweat appears after repeated times miliary rubra called miliary, then deep lobes. White spots appear clinically, with a size of 1-3 millimeters without itching or swelling of the skin. This type belongs to the rare and rarely experienced by infants.

How to prevent the cause of perspiration appeared in young children

Although the cause of perspiration is a fairly health disorder it often occurs in children and is considered a trivial matter, but when it was occurring it would be very disruptive and cause discomfort. Therefore, precaution is better than curing a sweat in a baby.

Choose clothes that can absorb sweat suppose cotton clothes.
As soon as possible replace wet baby clothes with sweat.
Avoid wearing wool clothing because of the ability to absorb sweat less and often cause itching on the skin of children who are still classified as sensitive.

If the child is diaphoretic, try to wash it more often, especially toward the bed.

How to solve a sweat problem in a baby?

If the child is experiencing miliary Kristalina, then you do not need to worry because it does not have to be treated. A cause of this type of sweat will gradually heal when the skin stays fresh and dry.
Take care of your baby’s skin by using personal hygiene to bathe and change clothes regularly so that the skin can breathe properly.
How to remove a sweat in infants the type of miliary rubra (resulting in pains) is by applying the special lotion for children that contain a plate lotion.

Do not give too much coarse dust on a wet scalp because it can form the mass that can lead to blockage of the pores. If the already obstructed.

Cut the baby’s fingernails regularly to avoid scratching the sweat of the affected mast of the skin so as not to cause irritation or infection of the skin.

Aloe Vera is a great herbal ingredients that are able to provide a fresh sense of skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected area of the Keringet buntet body so that any discomfort can be reduced.

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 cup of cold water could be other simple solutions to treat the cause of the sweat. Use a cloth towel to compress an unused part that is experiencing clogged pores. If the cause of sweat in a very severe skin infection occurs and is due to scratch, it carries it immediately to the doctor to get the extra medical guidance.

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